Cheryl has been our agent since my husband and I went on Medicare three years ago. In that time weʼve found her to be a great advocate for our best interests and pro active to anything in our life that might necessitate a change in insurance.

For example, when I mentioned to Cheryl that I needed a surgical procedure on my foot in the near future, she did the research and showed me in dollars and cents, how switching to a different insurance would save me a significant amount of out of pocket money. She took care of the change without a lot of hassle and now post surgery I can attest to the fact that she was absolutely right! She does her research and when she doesnʼt know the answer to a question sheʼll tell you that, and goes and finds the answer and always gets back to you.

Insurance is complicated and confusing so itʼs wonderful when you can find someone like Cheryl who always looks out for you like youʼre family to help you navigate it.  

- Marc P.